Beauty Therapy - Facial Treatments
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Beauty Therapy - Facial Treatments

Decleor Facial - €55

Facials are often regarded as one of the most relaxing therapies any person can receive.

Every Decleor facial we perform begins with an invigorating, relaxing back massage using the pure essential aromatherapy oils for which Decleor is uniquely famous.

Your experienced therapist will gently soothe and stimulate your senses with a delightful combination of touch and essences to induce a profound sense of well-being and total relaxation. In addition to the treatments pleasantly relaxing effect, this back massage also enables your therapist to make an expert diagnosis of your skin and overall health in order to provide you with the Decleor beauty treatment most suited to your needs.

Once completely relaxed, your therapist will begin moving the procedure towards your face, neack and head.

The next stage of the procedure aims to soothe and relax your entire face by combining localised, gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes exclusive to Decleor.

Our facials include purifying, anit-aging, rehydrating and soothing benefits as well as individually tailored eye treatments.

Get ready to slip into complete and utter relaxation!!

The complete treatment is approximately 1 hour.

Bespoke Facial - €30, €40, & €50

We believe everyone is unique and therefore we design exclusive bespoke facials using a specially selected mix of cosmeceutical products which are intense and high in active ingredients yet safe, designed to suit each individual skins needs.

At the initial consultation we will determine whether you have dehydrated or sun damaged skin, acne scarring, or maybe you simply need a deep cleansing facial to rid yourself of blocked pores.

For the ultimate facial put your face safely in our therapists hands and receive the skin of your dreams.

This particular treatment is available in the following formats.

30 Minute€30
45 Minute€40
60 Minute€50